Shivam Dube is one of the heroes of the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) 2022 Indian Premier League (IPL) 2022 in Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) on Tuesday (April 12). He First beat Royal Challenger Bangalore (RCB) Course Challenger Bangalore (RCB) on Tuesday (April 12). Despite Dinesh Kartik’s innings, Shivam Dubes showed a sensational power in front of Mahesh Teekshanas with 46 balls, 95* and Robin Utapas with 55 balls 88 balls; CSK ultimately overcame RCB in 23 series in four matches. They won this game of the TATA IPL 2022 for the first time in a high-scoring thriller in the 22nd match of the Indian Premier League. Former Indian cricketer Sanjay Manjrekar compares India, Chennai Super Kings (CSK) Shivam Dube’s six-stroke trick to legendary Yuvraj Singh as Dube’s great jab helped CSK in the ongoing IPL 2022 Win their first match in IPL 2022. A superb spin complemented a brilliant scoring game by Shivam Dube and Robin Utappas as Chennai Super Kings secured 23 runs wins at Royal Challengers Bangalore, who opened their 15th here on Tuesday IPL score.

Chennai Super Kings (CSK) star with 23 runs victories against the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) in uniform, Shivam Dube, attributed his fearless throw of 95 undefeated (46 balls) to the “safety” provided by the management team during his time with the team. Veteran Robin Uthappa turned back the clock when he pitched 88 with 50 balls. Shivam Dube finally played to the max with an unbeaten 95 with 46 balls to stop the Chennai Super Kings Indian Premier League losing streak with a win. Royal Challengers Bangalore at DY Patil Stadium on Tuesday night. Invited to bat, Shivam Dube and Robin Uthappa went undefeated for half a century, hitting 17 sixes and nine fours together en route to the podium in 165 runs, the highest ever for a third wicket and the highest this season, taking Chennai Super Kings to a whopping 216 out of 4. Shivam Dube got the highest point in the Fantasy app Dream 11 because of his performance in that match, unfortunately, there were not many Dream 11 players who picked him up in their team.

When asked to bat first after losing the toss, CSK scored 216 over 20 overs thanks to great serves from their batters. The two shared a terrific partnership of 165 runs, just 74 third wickets – the highest this season – to round out the innings after CSK balanced 36-of-2 in its 200th IPL game. Unlike the Royal Challengers Bangalore, the Chennai Super Kings have been transformed since the Uthappa-Dube show. Apart from knocking out Shivam Dube, Robin Uthappa narrowly missed a century for Chennai, scoring 88 runs out of 50 balls. The Spinner Theekshana did a fabulous job while bowling as he took four wickets in four overs by just giving up 33 runs. This was enough to stop RCB from chasing the target; CSK’s newly made captain Ravindra Jadeja also did an excellent job while bowling, and he was able to pick up three wickets only for 39 runs in his four overs spell.