Dewald Brevis made headlines for all the right reasons just before the IPL auction, as he stole the spotlight with a handful of blazing knocks at the U19 World Cup, hitting his contemporaries at will.

Despite South Africa’s disappointing performance in the U19 Globe Cup in 2022, it was Brevis’ breathtaking talent with the blade that left the world in awe.

He was picked up for the Titans’ senior team shortly after the U19 World Cup finished, and he astonished the world with a number of stunning knocks that already had the hammer in the IPL auctions going high enough for Dewald Brevis.

His Titans hits of 23, 46*, 26, and 38 were already creating noise for all the right reasons!

The five-time champions paid Rs 3 crore for Brevis in the IPL mega auction, up from a basic price of just Rs 20 lakh.

Dewald Brevis made his IPL debut for the Mumbai Indians against KKR on April 6th, and despite his team’s collapse, he produced a good knock of 29 that hinted at better things to come.

Despite losing to the Royal Challengers Bangalore, it was the Punjab Kings who saw Baby AB at his majestic best, setting the field on fire with some explosive fielding and then coming down on the Kings in the most frightening ways possible.

Mumbai’s saviour?

He is in his early twenties and has a lot to learn. It’s encouraging to watch him succeed at such a young age. He has the potential to be an absolute beast in the future days, and believe it or not, he has the potential to be the next Abraham Benjamin de Villiers.

However, everything has a season, and Dewald is still not in the correct season.

With time, he will merely become stronger, and if Mumbai can keep this youngster, he may be their greatest bet to lead the next generation. For the time being, let us all be pleased with him being the terrific aspirational child that he is. Pressure will make things much more difficult for him and a cricketer of his calibre deserves a lot more.

Michael Vaughan is impressed

Former England captain Michael Vaughan praised the Mumbai Indians on Wednesday for signing Dewald Brevis, a young South African batter who has shown glimpses of his tremendous potential with his attacking batting in the IPL 2022.

Vaughan’s remark came on the same day that Brevis smashed 49 off 25 deliveries against Punjab Kings, including four consecutive sixes off leg-spinner Rahul Chahar.

“Dewald Brevis is an incredible player already .. 18 yrs of age .. !!! What a great early signing the @mipaltan have made.” Vaughan tweeted